Cecilie Anna


- Songwriter and artist from Stord, Norway.

Released her debut album ‘Going North’ in 2016 together with her band formally known as FAMILIEFORETAKET (The Family Concern). 

CECILIE ANNA’s first solo album, ‘I'm Here’ (2016) received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press. 

New single "New Bird" is out!

“New Bird” has radio premiere today at Stjernepose 09:00, a Norwegian popular radio show. In English, the title translates into “Bag of Stars”, and the two music astronauts Toto Mjelde and Kjartan Ericsson is simply great guys with a great show. For those who speak the language, here’s link to their page. Rerun this evening at 22:00.

“New Bird” is the third single and the title track from Cecilie Anna’s new album coming out October 25. The track is the closest thing Cecilie Anna has done to a happy-song. It’s all about travelling light like a bird, with hardly anything. But also always knowing that you are part of a world with people in it whom you love and who love you back. New Bird is about the sense that geographical distance isn’t the same as the distance between hearts.

“New Bird” is available on Bandcamp as well as your usual streaming services.

Cover photo by Paal Audestad, one of Norway’s finest.

Cover photo by Paal Audestad, one of Norway’s finest.

New Single "Bonnie"

Cecilie Anna's new single and tribute to the lovely Will Oldham "Bonnie" is out! Available wherever you love to listen to your music. Cover photo by Paal Audestad. Celebration this evening at Bømlo Ultrafestival, a runners festival where people love to run very, very far. Cecilie Anna will not be running, but she will be smiling throughout her concert besides her lovely co-pilots Vidar Vedå and Ingjerd Kannelønning Kolstad.

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Reviews for "I'm Here"

Cecilie Anna has received wonderful words for her album.

“Cecilie Anna is a remarkably good composer, lyricist and vocalist. The album is low-key and quiet, but clear and sharp in its execution. She wrote the instrumental track Den Grone Dagen at the age of ten, and 'Baby Doll' at 17. An incredible talent from early age.”
-Øyvind Vågnes, Dag og Tid
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“Her music is like a light, guiding us through the darkness and warming our hearts.“
-Petter Lønningen, BT
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“A rare gem, the album's eleven tracks are well-written, with a sense of deeply reflective poetry. Musically it's both melancholy, dark, fragile and beautiful.”
-Per Henrik Arnesen, Gaffa.no
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New album "I'm Here"

"I'm Here" is a record dedicated to Cecilie Annas father, Hjalmar. He played the trumpet and simply loved music. It rains a lot where Cecilie Anna lives, so she wanted to include rain as well as horns on the record. She chooses to refer to the album as a slow tempo record. In same way that an author doesn’t necessarily place the chapters she believes might be most popular at the beginning of a book, she hasn’t tried to predict which songs might be most popular or become hits. Her wish is for people to relax for a small hour and listen to the record in peace and quiet.

The instrumental track "Den Grøne Dagen" was the first song Cecilie Anna ever wrote, when she was ten years old. It has followed her throughout her life, and she’s so very happy it could be included on this record. She wrote "Baby Doll" when she was seventeen. The rest of the songs have been written over many years, and the last track on the album, «The Smallest Bird», was written in the autumn of 2016, as a tribute to  Leonard Cohen after he passed away.

Contributing musicians are Rebecca Almås on alto horn, Åge Østrem on cornet and flugelhorn and Torstein Overweg on euphonium, with Vidar Vedå on backing vocals. The recording and mixing were managed by Gisle Østrem at Sir Sound Studios, Stord. Mastering took place at Abbey Road Studios, London. 

Listen to I’m Here on Spotify or buy in top quality on Bandcamp

Photo by Trond Leirvik Onarheim

Photo by Trond Leirvik Onarheim