Cecilie Anna


- Songwriter and artist from Stord, Norway.

Released her debut album ‘Going North’ in 2016 together with her band formally known as FAMILIEFORETAKET (The Family Concern). 

CECILIE ANNA’s first solo album, ‘I'm Here’ (2016) received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press. 


Photo: Roald Sundal
From Left: Lars Håvard Birkenes, Knut Heggdal, Vidar Vedå, Cecilie Anna, Endre Olsen

FAMILIEFORETAKET started out in 2012 as a way for Cecilie Anna to try out her songs with band. It turned out to be great fun, and with time, these gems stayed on: Knut Heggdal on bass, Vidar Vedå on vocals and guitar, Endre Olsen on vocals and guitar, Lars Håvard Birkenes on drums. Later on Endre Olsen was replaced by Tron Leon, as also the photo shows:

Photo: Roald Sundal Photo manipulation: Anders Brostory
From left: Lars Håvard Birkenes, Knut Heggdal, Vidar Vedå, Cecilie Anna, Tron Leon

The name FAMILIEFORETAKET means “The Family Concern” or “The Family Affair” – a concept which originated from how bands live their lives together: A little on top of each other, arguing at times, but most of the time everyone trying to pull their weight, having a good time.

There’s always been a lot of lovely people surrounding and engaging with FAMILIEFORETAKET. The family extends to people like Roald Sundal, Magne Langåker, Oda Hveem, Svein Olav Langåker, Anders Brostory, Frank Biringer. They have all made photos, videos and a lovely atmosphere possible.

Anders Skaldebø, Marius Sjo, Tor Helge Rimul and Andreas Bjordal have been members of Familieforetaket for a shorter periode.

Another main caracter is Gisle Østrem, who does the recordings and mixing. It’s fantastic for Familieforetaket to be able to record where they live.

Gisle Østrem on his way to Abbey Road Studios, London

In 2016, Familieforetaket released their debut album “Going North”. Songs written by Cecilie Anna but the arrangements were done collectively. Recorded and mixed by Gisle “Sir Sound” Østrem at his studio Sir Sound Productions, Stord, Norway. Produced by Cecilie Anna and Gisle. Mastering by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Familieforetaket received a glorious review for Going North by music journalist Erik Valebrokk. Excerpt: “A collection of songs performed by three different vocalists, spanning several musical genres and sub-genres. And yet these songs are connected through a lyrical and musical melancholy in a landscape populated by, among others, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith. In itself this is nothing extraordinary. However, Cecilie Anna’s songs are extraordinarily well-written and utterly original in themselves. The music of Familieforetaket almost has an ethereal quality, a somewhat intangible, floating feeling of discourse combined with an unquestionable beauty.” https://erikvalebrokk.no/velkommen-til-familien/

Listen to Going North on Spotify Tidal or buy in top quality on Bandcamp

Painting by Lars Slettebø

One of the bands highlights so far would be playing in Wales. Somehow they managed to get invited to a festival in 2017 with a focus on Wales with the name FOCUS:Wales.
As they were there, they were invited to by Steve Hywyn Jones’ Studio ROC2 to do some recordings. Featuring Tron Leon, Vidar, Cecilie Anna and Knut, here’s “Are You Leaving Too”:

The release of “My Sweetest Only One” was Cecilie Annas’ birthday present for Vidar in 2018. It was originally recorded in 2015, for “Going North”, but trying to keep the musical expression not too wide, it was kept out of the album. People keep thinking it’s a cover of a song from the 60s, but it’s not. Listen to “My Sweetest Only One” on Spotify.

Photo Magne Langåker

In 2018 Familieforetaket released “Real Boi” under Cecilie Annas’ name, making it easier for people to make the connection between Cecilie Anna and Familieforetaket. Members of Familieforetaket on Real Boi: Cecilie Anna (vocals, keys) Lene Jeanette Skogvold (backing vocals) Vidar Vedå (guitar) Tron Leon (guitar) Knut Heggdal (bass) Andreas Bjordal (drums)
Listen to Real Boi on Spotify or buy in top quality on Bandcamp

Photo Roald Sundal


With thanx to all the good people for their contribution and good times!
The video for Can You Feel My Heart features Anders’ cat Miksmaster Sniff when he still was very slimmy.

Endre Olsens take on “Going North”. All by himself, recorded in one afternoon in his livingroom.