Cecilie Anna


- Songwriter and artist from Stord, Norway.

Released her debut album ‘Going North’ in 2016 together with her band formally known as FAMILIEFORETAKET (The Family Concern). 

CECILIE ANNA’s first solo album, ‘I'm Here’ (2016) received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press. 

New single Winter Turns to Spring!

Dear friends, it’s lovely to announce the release of Cecilie Anna’s forth single, ‘Winter Turns to Spring’! It will be out this Friday, September 28. and will be the last single release before her new album ‘New Bird’ comes out Oct.25. Winter Turns to Spring is for Cecilie Anna’s father, Hjalmar. Her album ‘I’m Here’ (2017) was also dedicated to him. The cover photo for the single has a very special story. (Read below.)

Photo by Odd Atslev

Photo by Odd Atslev

Odd Atslev took a lot of photos in the 1930s, and about 10 years ago Cecilie Anna came across one of his photo albums in an antiques shop in Oslo. Most of the photos were of family members and friends on excursions and get-togethers. However, it was clear that he had been a very talented photographer with a good eye. Many years later Cecilie Anna managed to get in touch with one of Atslev’s nieces. She was able to reveal that her uncle had been a photographer for British Intelligence during the Second World War and was arrested in 1942. After having spent some time at Grini Prison he was sent on to prison camps in Germany, and returned home after the war. The photo album was sent to Atslev’s decendants in the U.S., and Cecilie Anna is very pleased that she was able to use one of the photos as the cover image for the single ‘Winter Turns To Spring’, a song she wrote for her father. It’s all about love that exists across time and space. Cecilie Anna feels an artistic and friend-like affinity towards Odd, which also transcends time and space. She hopes and believes that he would have liked the fact that one of his photographs was used as an image for a cover. Atslev died in 1998. Those that knew him describe him as kind, artistic and an all-round good person. (Thanks to Annika Harzhofer for help with translation of this text.)