Cecilie Anna


- Songwriter and artist from Stord, Norway.

Released her debut album ‘Going North’ in 2016 together with her band formally known as FAMILIEFORETAKET (The Family Concern). 

CECILIE ANNA’s first solo album, ‘I'm Here’ (2016) received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press. 

New Single "Bonnie"

Cecilie Anna's new single and tribute to the lovely Will Oldham "Bonnie" is out! Available wherever you love to listen to your music. Cover photo by Paal Audestad. Celebration this evening at Bømlo Ultrafestival, a runners festival where people love to run very, very far. Cecilie Anna will not be running, but she will be smiling throughout her concert besides her lovely co-pilots Vidar Vedå and Ingjerd Kannelønning Kolstad.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy_Cecilie Anna_Cover Paal Audestad2.jpg