Cecilie Anna


- Songwriter and artist from Stord, Norway.

Released her debut album ‘Going North’ in 2016 together with her band formally known as FAMILIEFORETAKET (The Family Concern). 

CECILIE ANNA’s first solo album, ‘I'm Here’ (2016) received glowing reviews in Norwegian national press. 


Just like people can be captured by music, and it can live inside them for many years, Cecilie Anna can be captured by singing voices. They become part of her inner landscape, and she creates songs for them. The voices can belong to people she knows or to famous artists. In Cecilie Anna’s world, no voice is bigger than any other, and it really is a dream come true for her to hear the songs be sung by the right voice. She has written songs for friends and fellow musicians such as Endre Olsen, Trond Leon, Ragnhild Kambo and Vidar Vedå, as well as famous artists such as Bill Callahan, Tom Waits and Joe Henry. The plan is to record and release as many of these songs as possible.

It’s not that easy to get in touch with some of the more famous voices she’s written songs for, and so she has recorded some of them herself. 'Morning Star' (written for Bill Callahan) and 'Old Love' (written for Joe Henry) are included on Cecilie Anna’s latest album 'I’m Here'. These songs are now drifting in the atmosphere, and perhaps one day they will be found. If you listen to these songs, and especially if you’re a fan of Bill or Joe, you can probably recognise the paths of their voices. It’s like they have their own private garden.